What is Google Pay App and Use It to Make Money

Google recently launched a new Payment App named Google Tez, but Google recently changed Google Tez App to Google Pay. This is the Upgraded version of Google Tez App that has been made even better, so today we are going to give you complete information about what the Google Pay App is and how you can earn money using it.

Let us tell you that you can see many apps for a digital permit in Google Play Store such as Paytm, PhonePe, Bhim etc. But Google Pay App is preferred by the people because Google Pay itself is made by Google. has gone.

Which is completely secure for any type of digital transaction and Google Pay is very simple, which uses many types of Rewards, which you can earn thousands of money.

This means that if you use Google Pay App, you can do all your digital payments easily and together you also get money in cashback and reward for using it, then let’s expand about Google Pay App Know from

What is Google Pay App?

Google Pay App is a Digital Payment App created by Google Company which is based on UPI, meaning Unified Payment Interface, which is managed by NPCI, which manages India’s banking system.

Multiple layer Security has been used in this app, which is completely secure. With Google Pay App, you can make many types of digital payments like-

1. Receive payment and can send.

2. Can ask for money.

3. See the history of money transactions.

4. Reward money instead of sending money.

5. You can choose offers of your choice for digital payments.

6. Google Pay can bill Google AdWords.

7. Google can buy all Google products from Google Pay.

8. You can pay bill, electricity, gas, water, DTH, Mobile etc. from Google Pay.

9. Google Pay can easily transfer money to nearby people without giving details of any details.

This app has been made keeping in mind the people of India, in which you can see many different languages and you can use this app in the language of your choice.

The most special feature of the Google Pay App is Tap For Cash Mode, which allows you to send money to anyone near you without having to tell your details, it works like a data transfer app like SHAREit

The other important thing about Google Pay App is that if you send money to someone or you use the offers inside this app then you are given cashback and reward, like if you send 500 rupees or more, you can Similarly, in the Google Pay App, there are different offers and Rewards.

How to create a Google Pay App account?

Creating an account on Google Pay is a very easy task, so before you follow our stated steps, first you know what you need to do to create an account on the Google Pay App.

-Should be a bank account.

-Bank Account must be linked a mobile number

-The bank should have a Debit or Credit Card.

-Must have a Gmail account.

-Mobile should have Google Pay App

How to create a Google Pay Account?

First, install Google Pay App from the Google Play store or click on the button below.

Now open Google Pay App and enter the Mobile Number linked to your bank account in it

After entering OTP from your mobile, select your Gmail id.

Select Screen Lock and Pin Lock for Google Pay App and Secure Google Pay.

Step- 5
Your Google Pay Account has been created Now add your bank account by clicking Add option of Bank at the top.

How to earn money from Google Pay App:

As we told you, Google Pay makes your digital payments easy, and if you use it, you also get the opportunity to earn money. There are several ways in which you can earn money from Google Pay.

Referral Program
When you use this app, you will feel that this is a great app, so you will share it with your family and friends that they use Google Pay.

For this, you use the Referral Code of Google Pay App. By doing so, you will get Rs 51, in this way you can earn Rs 51 from each Referral Code but only rupees will be available if it will install this app from your Referral code.

Lucky Fridays
If you make any transactions above 500 or 500 rupees in one week using Google Pay, then you have a chance of 1 lakh rupees.

Google Pay chooses the Lucky Friday Scratch Card on Friday every week, which transfers above 500 rupees per week, as many as the winner gets in the form of a million rupees Scratch Card, so your fate can win you this award at any time. .

Scratch Card
It is also a nice and easy way in which you can earn money from every Scratch Card, for this you have to send 150 rupees to your Google Pay App, or get 150 rupees from someone via Google Pay.

After this process you get a Scratch Card which you have to scratch, in which you can win up to a thousand rupees, so send and receive money from Google Pay.

Google Pay Offer
You can also earn money by saving money, so you should use the offer in google pay app which will also work for you and in return, you will get money in the form of a reward. In this way, you can earn money using the offer of google pay.

Google Pay App question-answer?

What is the Q-Google Pay App Rewards
When you use Google Pay, you receive Google Pay rewards for sending and receiving money in which you get money as a reward.

How to get Q-Google pay rewards
For this, you have to send or receive Rs 150 from Google Pay App or above, after which you get Google to pay the reward.

How to do Q-Google pay payment processing
First, create your account on the Google Pay App and then add your bank account, after which you can send money to the bank account details of the money you want to send money.

What is the Q-Google Pay App offer
On Google Play, you can get many offers and change over time, so get the information from the offer present in today’s time with the photos given below.

Q- How to check balance in Google Pay
After opening Google Pay, you get an option at the bottom, Check Balance click on it and after entering your Google pay password, you can see your balance.

Q-Google pay App customer care number and how to contact
For this, after you open Google Pay App, you get three dots at the top, after clicking on it, go to Setting

At the bottom of the setting, you have the Help & Feedback option in Information, click on it and after that click on the Contact option at the bottom.

Now you will see the Phone logo in this Help section, now you can send your name, Country, the mobile number here and send it to your issue, and this way you can send Request Callback to your number.

So, friends, I hope that after reading this post, you have now understood what the Google Pay App is and how you can make money by using it. If you like our post, then definitely share it and you have a question. Then comment.

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