What is DSLR Camera and How to Use it?


What is DSLR Camera (What is DSLR)? In modern times and fashion, today there is hardly anybody who does not have the desire to be photographed. Although mobile cameras have promoted selfies, today’s DSLR cameras are still the first choice for Royal Photography. DSLR cameras come in handy in wedding-function, ceremony etc.

People will also be using the DSLR camera but they do not know very well about it. They just know that the DSLR camera works in good photography but they do not know how this camera works. What is the function of this camera and how it is different from other digital cameras.

Even today many new cell phones have come, but there are night-time differences in photos taken from DSLR cameras and phone photos. DSLR’s features differ greatly from the smartphone’s camera. In today’s post, we will know what a DSLR camera is, how it works and what are its functions?

What is DSLR?

DSLR Camera is a digital single lens reflex camera that captures photos and videos in digital format and records it with the help of an electronic image sensor. In this camera, you can see it immediately after taking the photo, delete it and take a new photo instead.

Its lens is also very advanced and it is very different from our film cameras. Its features make it unique. Its lens and advance feature helps you to get a perfect picture. Let’s know how DSLR camera parts work?

How does DSLR Cameras work?

When we see a DSLR viewfinder/eyepiece that is comfortable in the back of the camera, then whatever view we see in front of the lens, it means that you are going to capture all the things that You see. From that scene, the light comes through the rectangle of your camera through the lens, chanting the camera is above the chamber, making a 45-degree angle, which then foreshadows the light vertically, an optical element called a “pentaprism” Are there. This pentaprism then converts that vertical light to horizontal in which it redirects the light into two separate mirrors in a direct viewfinder.

When you take a picture, then the reflex mirror does the upward swing, blocking the vertical pathway and allowing the light to come in. Then the shutter opens up and light takes the image sensor.

This shutter remains open until the image sensor, record the image, then the shutter closes, and the reflex mirror drops back in a 45-degree angle, then the light turns on to come in. In the viewfinder

It is just a matter of fact that this process does not stop here. By the way, there seems to be a very complicated image processing in the camera. It takes camera processor information from the image sensor, and converts it into an appropriate format, then writes it in a memory card.

It takes only a short time to complete the entire process and some professional DSLRs can do more than 11 times more things within 1 second of this work.

In just one simple language I have provided information about how DSLR works to you people.

What are the parts of the DSLR camera?

  • Lens
  • Reflex Mirror
  • Image Sensor
  • Condenser Lens
  • Eyepiece / View Finder
  • Shutter
  • Focusing Screen
  • Pentaprism

Everyone will know how to capture photos from DSLR Camera, but do you know how all its parts work? If not, then let’s know.


There are three lenses in the DSLR camera. The first “standard lenses” that are no longer used These lenses were used in the film camera which was of 50MM range. These lenses were called standard lenses because they used to come with the first camera and you could not have any adjustments in them.

Then came the “kit lens” which is now used in DSLR cameras. These lenses were designed for every day shooting so that people could click on the photo on a daily basis. The third lens is the “prime lens” in which the focal length is fixed, so it is also called a fixed lens.

There is no option to zoom in or zoom out in it. Prime lenses are very sharper compared to zoom lenses. That’s because they do not have an extra glass inside to zoom (in or out). With this, it provides better quality photographs than having less diffraction.

  1. Reflex Mirror
    The part of the camera where the reflex of an image appears. This is a very important part of the camera. This mirror is located in front of the lens so that the light coming from the lens comes from it and it absorbs it.
  2. Shutter
    This part is in every kind of camera. Its work is to control the light going to the camera. The sooner the shutter closes, the lesser the light image will get and the more shutter the shutter will get, the more light the image will get. Photo shows more light than light, and light from low light looks dark. You have to use the combination between the two so that the photos can be perfect and good.
  3. Image Sensor
    Once the shutter closes, the image sensor captures that image. The more sensor the larger the photos will be in the detail. If the image sensor is small then the image will be small and clear will not appear in the display. Cameras like DSLR use a very large sensor, which gives you a very good and perfect image.
  4. Focusing Camera
    This DSLR is a very important part of the camera. This can show you the preview of the photo of what you are going to take photos of. In this, you can see the image in front of you in the View Finder whether the image is coming from the right or not.
  5. Condenser Lens
    There are 2 convex lenses and designing these lenses only means that those who are on the light lens remain straight and walk on a path.
  6. Pentaprism
    It is a five reflective prism with five corners which turns any light into 90 degrees, even if it comes in a light 90-degree prism or not. By doing so light gets direct on the image and the photo comes clean.
  7. Eyepiece / View Finder
    The part of the camera from which you see the image is the View Finder. It’s like an LED glass in which you can see the photo you are going to take. With the help of View Finder, the focus can be set on the photo.

What is the Difference between a Mobile camera and a DSLR camera?

The camera of the mobile and the DSLR camera has the same difference that is in a profession and unprofessional thing. In the DSLR the image sensor is very large, while in the mobile camera it is very small. The larger the sensor, the better the picture comes.

The camera of more megapixel does not have anything, the quality of the photo depends on its sensor. A DSLR camera is very tremendous in the case of photos. The focus in DSLR can be done very well in comparison to Mobile Camera. Also, the battery life of DSLR is also very much compared to Mobile Camera.


I hope you have this article on my DSLR camera (What is DSLR ). I always try to get the full information about how readers use DSLR Camera so that they do not need to find any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it.

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